Explore Sikkim - The Beautiul Hill Station

Hotel Tarcon welcomes you to the province of Sikkim, India's most ecologically diverse destination. Seated beneath the foothill of the mighty Kanchenjunga, Sikkim is a glittering sojourn that has so much for you in offer. With warm hospitality, endless sightseeing locations, heart-warming cuisine and a deeply embedded culture, the state doesn’t fail to awe its visitors. Come step in to the realm of endless possibilities, and make everlasting memories with your families & friends. Hotel Tarcon will always be more than happy to be your host in the Land of the White Orchids.

Tsomgo Lake

Tsomgo Lake This scenic lake is merely a two-hour drive away from the bustling capital of Gangtok. Once you are within its premises, don’t forget to trek up the route to Tsomgo on the back of a yak. Local herders roam around with colorfully dressed yaks always ready to be your ride. Scouting through the snow covered lanes that extend up to the lake overlooking the mountains is an experience of a lifetime.

Do Drul Chorten

Do Drul Chorten This is the best-known Stupa in Gangtok, famous for its gold-hued, beautifully tipped spires that sit atop pristine white domes. The Chorten was built in the year 1945 by Trulshik Rinpoche. It is surrounded by 108 little golden prayer wheels inscribed with Buddhist mantras. It is believed that if you run your palms through these wheels and rotate them with reverence, it is similar to reading 108 recital beads.

Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery Sikkim's biggest, and the grandest monastery is situated 25 kilometers ahead of the main town in Gangtok. Topped with golden spires and encircled by a vibrant yellow courtyard, the monastery houses the relics of the 16th Karmapa. The premises of the monastery reverberates with the sounds of gongs and cymbals during its customary prayer sessions, which is generally the best time to visit this location.

Nathu La Pass

Nathu La Pass Another breathtaking location just two hours ahead of Gangtok is one of the highest passes in India. The Nathu La is the Line of Control between the territories of China & India. This location is open only during selective days and only Indian nationals are permitted entry. If you are lucky to get entry, you will see the Chinese soldiers posted for their watch duty on the other side of the border amidst the mountains.

Banjhakri Falls

The Banjhakri Falls The Banjhakri Falls is a mild yet scenic waterfall that can be easily viewed and admired from the close viewing bridge at sits inside a park built around the waterfall. The Park is filled with little figurines of the Banjhakri or the “forest healer” which is a common character in folklore. The figurines scattered around the park are shown performing several rituals of their healing discipline which is interesting to observe.

Flower Exhibition Centre

Flower Exhibition Centre Gangtok hosts the International Flower Festival and puts up a grand floral show. This is because Sikkim is an ecological hotspot and sports the richest population of orchids and rhododendrons around. The best time to walk in is during Spring when the orchids are in full bloom. All of the exotic flowers are grown without the aid of any chemical fertilizers since Sikkim is a completely organic state.

M.G. Marg

M.G. Marg This litter & spit-free avenue in Gangtok is the center of bustling activities. Lined with vintage streetlights and melee of benches where tourists can sit down with a plate of piping hot momos and enjoy their treat while they soak in the chilled ambiance of the hill station. You will run into some of the best eateries, bookstores, souvenir shops and tea selling corners in here, which is perfect for window shopping.

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